Smudge Stick

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Smudge Stick

Our  "Positive Energy" sage stick includes all that you need to clear a space, body, and/or mind of negative energy as well as create a sacred space. This stick is useful for any of life's occasions and makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift as well.

  • HANDCRAFTED WITH ORGANIC & ETHICALLY HARVESTED INGREDIENTS: Wild-crafted white sage from the hills of California, every part of this kit has been carefully selected and assembled as to not harm the environment. We do not use plastic when packaging your kit.
  • CREATED WITH POSITIVE INTENTION & ENERGY: Your smudge stick is reiki'ed with positive words, meditation, and balancing tingsha bells.


Light the smudge stick using a lighter. After the smudge stick catches fire, and starts to smoke, blow it out. If it does not catch fire, and burns out, it needs to be re-lit. 


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